Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday, November 12th at the Ellis School of Atlanta to hear from Occupational Therapist, Christy Kennedy. She trained a group of parents, teachers, and therapists on

“Sensory Integration Tools: What, When and Why They Help”.  

During this workshop, Ms. Kennedy led a discussion surrounding the many techniques, activities and input strategies that you should have accessible in your “Sensory Tool Box”.   Participants learned about sensory regulation, recovery, self-awareness and many other concepts that enabled them to better understand the many facets of Sensory Integration and how to apply it in the moment.

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As part of our teaching model, the Ellis School of Atlanta strives to provide resources to educators, parents and the community at large. One way we do this is through trainings with national experts like upcoming speaker Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy, a world leader in furthering understanding, assessment, and intervention strategies for Cortical Vision Impairment. Dr. Roman-Lantzy will be at Ellis School on February 11, 2017 with a workshop that is open to the public as well as professionals seeking CE units.

Christy Kennedy, a pediatric Occupational Therapist, has specialized in Sensory Integration (SI) for over twenty eight years and been in private practice in Decatur, GA for the last twenty five.

After graduating from the Medical College of Georgia in 1981, Christy worked in both pediatric and adult rehabilitation before dedicating her practice to her present area of expertise.  In 1988, Christy took a sabbatical to enter the Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute for a concentrated study program in Sensory Integration evaluation and treatment.  She completed her Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) certification in 1989.

Christy has continued to broaden her professional knowledge by studying and incorporating many adjunct treatment approaches such as nutrition, cranial sacral therapy, sound therapy and vision therapy. Along with this ever growing knowledge has come a better understanding about how to holistically support her clients in maximizing their potential.  Her specialized training in sound therapy has included SAMONAS, Therapeutic Listening and The Listening Program (TLP).

Christy has additionally helped to raise awareness of the Sensory Integration component of Pediatric Occupational Therapy in the Atlanta area by sponsoring SI related conferences and bringing in world renowned speakers.

While Christy works primarily with children aged three to nine years old who have sensory integration or processing disorders (SPD), she has also worked with infants, toddlers, adolescents and adults.

Join us at Ellis School of Atlanta: 189 Sams Street Suite A-1 Decatur, GA  30030


If you are unable to attend the workshop but would still like to support our event please consider a donation.