Our School

Our full-time school program provides expertise for children with multiple disabilities, offers interveners for children with deafblindness, and delivers unparalleled collaboration between educational and therapeutic staff on student goals and approaches. Learn more here

Camp ImpAACt

Camp is an exciting part of childhood for many kids. However, for kids who are atypical communicators, the average camp may leave them unable to speak their mind, ask for help or connect with a friend- simply because they are not understood.

Camp ImpAACt was created to encourage unique communicators to foster their skills and create relationships in their community. Check out our camp page for more information about Camp ImpAACt.

Community Education Events

As part of a teaching model, the Ellis School of Atlanta strives to provide resources to educators, parents and the community at large. One way we do this is through trainings with national experts, which are open to the public. Learn more about our next community education event here.

Independent Educational & Therapeutic Evaluation Services

Various Therapeutic & Evaluation services are available for community members.  Therapeutic services include:  Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Speech Language Pathology services (including feeding, oral-motor and/or AAC expertise) & Music Therapy.  Educational Evaluation services include:  functional vision assessments, functional hearing assessments, assistive technology evaluations, orientation & mobility evaluations, assessments for those with deaf blindness, and many others.  Please contact us for more information or to schedule an evaluation.