How can you help ellis and our Mission?


What could your gift to the Ellis Center do?

Though Ellis is honored by past support and the good it produced, we’re not done growing and reaching more families. To best serve children with multiple disabilities and provide the highest quality programs, we need help from you.

Your contribution could:

  • Off-set costs for community education opportunities for families ($25)

  • Give a family in need a complimentary Community Education ticket ($45)

  • Provide technology to enhance our school program ($250)

  • Send a child to camp ($445)

    "We're so excited to attend Camp ImpAACt for the first time. We're from Florida and there are no accessible camps for children with multiple disabilities in our area. We also appreciate that Ellis provided us with a scholarship to help offset travel costs!"

    - Viola, Camp Family Member


what has past support accomplished?

At Ellis, we focus on what IS possible for children with multiple disabilities. Over the past six years, we’ve seen immense growth in more and more children because of our programs. This growth, was only possible because of the support from our larger community.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Ellis has been able to:

  • Fund technology and adapted materials that enhance our school program and make lessons accessible for students

  • Reach over 120 hundred families through Community Education events, camp, and evaluation services

  • Aid families with financial need with reduced camp tuition and complimentary Community Education Event tickets

"A neighbor of mine was blown away by how communicative our daughter was. She said in 10 years she had never seen her put out that much information accurately. Thank you guys. That was my best present all year!"

-Amy, Parent of an Ellis Center Student


Become a Partner

Partner with Ellis as a community member or business in our mission to nurture life-long learners, focusing on what IS possible.

Consider making a recurring donation so that you benefit Ellis and our exceptional children all year long.

Wish List

There are a few things we can always use to enrich our classroom and outreach events:

To discuss in-kind donations, please contact Cristina at


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