If your child needs additional instructional time outside of their regular school year, we offer a three week extended school program during the summer.

Similar to our year-round School program, our Extended School Year focuses on communication and mastery of academic goals. This program is taught by a teacher with a dual certification to teach those with vision and hearing impairments.

During Summer School, the students focus on:

  • Mastery of IEP goals

  • Continuation of school lessons through summer in a nurturing environment

  • Using high-tech and low-tech forms of alternative and augmentative forms of communication

Please contact us at info@elliscenter.org to learn about enrollment.

Jose and Karen practicing money skills and smiling 4.jpg

Each child is paired with a communication facilitator who accompanies them throughout the school day to make their learning environment more accessible.

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Lessons are adapted for children with Cortical Visual Impairments (CVI) along with other sensory impairments.

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