How can you help ellis and our Mission?


What could your gift to the Ellis Center do?

Though Ellis is honored by past support and the good it produced, we’re not done growing and reaching more families. To best serve children with multiple disabilities and provide the highest quality programs, we need help from you.

Your contribution could:

  • Cover the cost for a Community Education Event for one parent ($45)

  • Provide technology such as tablets and communication devices to enhance our school program and support independence in our students ($250)

  • Send a child to camp ($445)

    "We're so excited to attend Camp ImpAACt for the first time. We're from Florida and there are no accessible camps for children with multiple disabilities in our area. We also appreciate that Ellis provided us with a scholarship to help offset travel costs!"

    - Viola, Camp Family Member


what has past support accomplished?

At Ellis, we focus on what IS possible for children with multiple disabilities. Over the past six years, we’ve seen immense growth in our programs and the amount of families we can impact. WE CAN ONLY ACCOMPLISH THIS THROUGH YOUR SUPPORT!

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Ellis has been able to:

  • Fund technology and adapted materials such as a high definition TV to present lessons to visually impaired learners, devices that allow our wheelchair users to self-navigate, and specialized chairs that support proper trunk control and independence of students

  • Double our student body

  • Reach over 120 families through Community Education events, camp, and evaluation services last year

  • Offer training for our staff that keeps them at the forefront of advancements in education and therapy such as the Perkins CVI course, Deafblind-Intervener course by Utah State University, weekly sign-language classes/sign-language immersion camp, and bi-annual training in various topics

  • In 2019, reduced camp tuition costs for four families with financial need and gave over 25 complimentary Community Education tickets to families. providers, and Ellis staff members

"A neighbor of mine was blown away by how communicative our daughter was. She said in 10 years she had never seen her put out that much information accurately. Thank you guys. That was my best present all year!"

-Amy, Parent of an Ellis Center Student


Become a Partner

Want to partner with us to make your dollars really go further in our community? Community partners provide sustainable resources that allow us to look to the future and increase our programs for the families that we serve.

Consider making a recurring donation to make your donation stretch further. A donation of $20 a month can enable our center to provide things like experiential learning trips in the community that our students need to have a full sensory experience.

Donated Items

You can also donate needed supplies and items that will reduce our need for financial support.

  • Gift cards to local restaurants, activities or museums that our children can use to explore their environment and learn in real-life scenarios

  • Camp ImpAACt needs water bottles, squeezies, juice boxes and other snacks for our active campers and counselors

  • Classroom Materials from our Amazon Wish list

  • Technology devices such as Ipads, gaming equipment and more

To discuss in-kind donations, please contact Cristina at


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